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Forwarder Export

Produkt / Dienstleistung

  • Representation at the Airport
  • Export Handling Landside
  • Perform Export Customs Formalities
  • Reservations with the Airlines
  • Issuance of NCTS-T1
  • DGR Pre-Check
  • Obtain “Ready for Carriage” status

  • Organize “Screening” of Unknown Cargo by means of x-ray or explosive detection dogs
  • Arrange for “Heavy Duty Equipment” such as Crane Trucks, etc.
  • Build-Up of ULD’s according to Airline Instruction
  • Assembly of Export Consignments within the Airside Area
  • Own cargo facility with a secured Warehouse of 400m²
  • Pick-Up of Export Consignments within France and the adjacent EU